SeceuroShield 38

Ideal for higher security domestic sites. Windows and doors located within commercial property and office locations. Smaller shop fronts. Kiosk and Bars. Punched or perforated slats can be incorporated to allow light into the area. Garage doors with restricted headroom.

Product Specification

  • Span widths of up to 4000mm
  • Internal or external fitment
  • 38mm double skinned extruded aluminium slat
  • Built on or built in
  • Die cast aluminium endplates
  • H30 extruded aluminium guides 60mm x 24mm deep supplied as standard
  • H40/s guides 70mm wide x 27mm deep available at additional cost 
  • Extruded aluminium bottom rail with reinforced angle

Common Applications  

  • Domestic
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Windows, doors and stairwells
  • Bi-folding Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Garage doors
  • Bar shutters 

Types of Operation

  • Swivel belt:                  
  • Geared belt:                   
  • Rod Crank:                  
  • Spring loaded barrel     
  • Electric single phase motor operated via a rocker switch as standard
  • Powered by NRG and *Somfy motors
  • NRG motors as standard. *Somfy motors will accrue an additional charge

Optional Safety Features  

  • Manuel override facility
  • Anti-Drop brake
  • UPS battery back up
  • Safety edge 

Optional Remote Operation

  • Elero Monotel - NRG handset - Single shutter operation
  • Elero VarioTel - NRG handset - Selective and collective operation
  • Tellis 1 RTS - Somfy Handset - Single channel handset
  • Tellis 4  RTS - Somfy Handset - Multi channel handset
  • Telis 16 RTS - Somfy Handset - LCD display (operates up to 16 shutters)
  • Tellis 6 Chronis RTS - Somfy Handset - LCD Display  (operates up to 16 shutters   with timer function) 

Standard colours  

  • Brilliant white RAL 9016        
  • White RAL 9016
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Brown RAL 8014
  • Cream RAL 1015

Additional information  

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What our clients say about us

We have considerable experience in supplying and installing the highest quality security merchandise to both the domestic and the commercial markets. Here are some genuine comments from our customers. Should you wish to contact any of our clients to ask them personally how their experience was dealing with our company, then, with their permission, we will be happy to arrange this.

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