Electric Shutters

Our electric shutters are ideal for improving security at any commercial or industrial facility or home. These shutters are sturdy and strong. Offered in many choices, they can secure your property against burglary and theft at any time of the day. 

Products in this range include security shutters, retail shutters, and roller shutter doors. Aluminium shutters are also available while fire shutters can provide an additional level of protection.

Customers can opt for self-installation or a full-service approach by our experienced and professional fitters. We can conduct a site survey and install the doors based on your individual specifications. The advice, guidance, and installation are conducted with the same professionalism as with any other product in our catalogue.

Whether choosing our nationwide delivery service or picking up a purchase from our facility, customers can expect the best service in the industry. Electric shutters come with the fitting and installation instructions, which are complimented by our digital manuals and online guides.

Features of Electric Shutters:

Electric roller shutters function similar to garage doors and in fact some customers use them this way. In our range are commercial models with solid or perforated slats. Heavier and stronger industrial doors plus tube and link roller shutters are also available. Fire curtains and even skylight roller shutters can be purchased.

These shutters keep your facility or home protected. They are also recognized by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and hold the prestigious Secured by Design. Each type comes in numerous sizes and styles, depending on the customer’s needs and required configuration. Installation is performed by experienced engineers.

Also benefit from the weather protection and insulating properties of our electric shutters. Contact us for survey, installation, and maintenance.

SeceuroShield 150

Ideal for internal and external, low security domestic and commercial properties. Kitchen serveries, where no cooking takes place. Storage cupboards. Also provides heat insulation in conjunction with window shading and light control. 

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SeceuroShield 38

Ideal for higher security domestic sites. Windows and doors located within commercial property and office locations. Smaller shop fronts. Kiosk and Bars. Punched or perforated slats can be incorporated to allow light into the area. Garage doors with restricted headroom.

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SeceuroVision 38

Ideal for domestic, retail and commercial properties requiring punched or perforated curtains. Delivers up to 45% vision punched and 17% perforated vision. A Polycarbonate glazing option is available.    

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Shield 75 Steel Shutter

The traditional SeceuroShield 75  Steel Shutter is manufactured from galvanised steel and is suitable for a variety of commercial, retail and industrial applications

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SeceuroShield 77

Ideal for single or double insulated garage doors. High security domestic shutters. Medium security office entrances, doors. External shop fronts. Wider sizes are designed for internal applications only making them ideal for use as room dividers.

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SeceuroVision 800

Designed to provide the see-through protection demanded by many local authorities for high street and shopping centres. Suitable for internal or selective external applications.

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SeceuroShield 3801

Insurance Approved Security Shutter. Unlike other certified shutters, SecuroShield 3801 uses a 38mm double-walled extruded aluminium slat, which coils tightly into a range of compact boxes. 

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SeceuroShield 60

Ideal for domestic, retail, office and commercial properties, This shutter provides high security over a wider expanse. Can be fitted internally and externally.  

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SeceuroShield 7501

Traditional Shutter Insurance Approved Upgrade. This shutter has all the benefits of the standard SeceuroSheild 75 but with the added benefit of being tested to the Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1 (LPS1175-1).

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Flame Curtains

Invisible when not in use, Fame Curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure. 

When deployed the Flame Curtain divides’ the open space and slows done the speared of fire.

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Fire Shutters

Fire shutters are a electrically operated shutter consisting of a steel slatted curtain and galvanised steel box assembly and guide rails. One, two or four hour rating options available.

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SeceuroVision 900

Internal use only and very tight coiling makes the SecuroVision 900 particularly suitable for bar/kiosk retail and commercial applications where permanent vision is required. 

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What our clients say about us

We have considerable experience in supplying and installing the highest quality security merchandise to both the domestic and the commercial markets. Here are some genuine comments from our customers. Should you wish to contact any of our clients to ask them personally how their experience was dealing with our company, then, with their permission, we will be happy to arrange this.

Retractable Gates and Grilles and Aluminium Security Shutters

I’m happy for my details to be passed on and will certainly endorse you for great communication, a great product, excellent workmanship and great aftercare. Always happy to give credit where it is due.