LPCB and ‘Secured by Design’ Security

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) & Secured by Design

Guaranteed Protection with Insurance Approved Products. Our range of Level 1 security products includes Retractable Gates and Grilles, Aluminium and Steel Security Shutters.

The comprehensive range of Steel and Personnel doors can also be designed to strict Insurance approved standards. These doors are certified to LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 2 and 3.  This further enhances the doors to ensure these products are durable, reliable, and effective security barrier. We also supply Fire rated security doors.

Loss Prevention Certification Board
Products supplied with the Loss Prevention Certification Board approval are of the highest security specification in the UK. It involves a strict conformity assessment process conducted by an independent body. This organisation is independent from supplier and customer organisations. The result is a confirmation that the products meet the requirements put forth by the standard.

Secured by Design
The official UK Police flagship initiative, Secured by Design focuses on products which are effective at crime prevention. It also includes a range of security standards, specific to individual products and applications. To carry the name, a product must be tested and meet various technical requirements; and are then awarded the Police Preferred Specification.

SeceuroGuard 1001

SeceuroGuard 1001 Insurance approved Retractable Security Gate. Tested and approved to Loss prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 security rating 1.

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SeceuroShield 3801

Insurance Approved Security Shutter. Unlike other certified shutters, SecuroShield 3801 uses a 38mm double-walled extruded aluminium slat, which coils tightly into a range of compact boxes. 

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Steel Doors

Steel Doors can be supplied for uses in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 

A wide range of locks available including deadlocks, mechanical and electrical coded locks can all be designed into the product.

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SeceuroShield 7501

Traditional Shutter Insurance Approved Upgrade. This shutter has all the benefits of the standard SeceuroSheild 75 but with the added benefit of being tested to the Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1 (LPS1175-1).

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What our clients say about us

We have considerable experience in supplying and installing the highest quality security merchandise to both the domestic and the commercial markets. Here are some genuine comments from our customers. Should you wish to contact any of our clients to ask them personally how their experience was dealing with our company, then, with their permission, we will be happy to arrange this.

Excellent service! The product is perfect for the application. The fitters were polite, clean and efficient. Highly recommended. Please feel free to forward my details for referrals for any potential future business.

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