Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are ideal security solutions in many different facilities. They are preferred by owners of businesses, shops, and warehouses no matter where they are located. Protection is especially necessary in populated areas. Homeowners are also installing roller shutters on their houses and garages. 

Extreme safety and security is becoming more commonplace for both businesses and homes. The technology has improved over time. It is now much easier to open and close roller shutters. Instead of physical strain, operating these shutters is made easier as they are spring loaded. Electrically operated varieties are available as well; motor and switch devices only require the press of a button and the shutter can be raised or lowered.

Our experienced engineers have the training it takes to fit roller shutters anywhere. A professional installation is therefore possible in any commercial or residential property. Engineers are professional and efficient, as they are trained to the highest standards. Maintenance and call-outs are no problem if required.

Roller shutter doors provide not only a security advantage. They are also a barrier against extreme weather and have insulating properties. You may even see heating cost savings as a result of installation. Businesses and other property owners are choosing roller shutters as their primary choice, and the benefits are more than one.

SeceuroShield 38

Ideal for higher security domestic sites. Windows and doors located within commercial property and office locations. Smaller shop fronts. Kiosk and Bars. Punched or perforated slats can be incorporated to allow light into the area. Garage doors with restricted headroom.

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SeceuroVision 38

Ideal for domestic, retail and commercial properties requiring punched or perforated curtains. Delivers up to 45% vision punched and 17% perforated vision. A Polycarbonate glazing option is available.    

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Shield 75 Steel Shutter

The traditional SeceuroShield 75  Steel Shutter is manufactured from galvanised steel and is suitable for a variety of commercial, retail and industrial applications

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SeceuroShield 77

Ideal for single or double insulated garage doors. High security domestic shutters. Medium security office entrances, doors. External shop fronts. Wider sizes are designed for internal applications only making them ideal for use as room dividers.

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SeceuroVision 800

Designed to provide the see-through protection demanded by many local authorities for high street and shopping centres. Suitable for internal or selective external applications.

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SeceuroGuard 1000

Retractable Security Gates. Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for vulnerable ground floor windows on doors, Ideal for domestic, retail or commercial premises.

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SeceuroGuard 1001

SeceuroGuard 1001 Insurance approved Retractable Security Gate. Tested and approved to Loss prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 security rating 1.

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SeceuroShield 3801

Insurance Approved Security Shutter. Unlike other certified shutters, SecuroShield 3801 uses a 38mm double-walled extruded aluminium slat, which coils tightly into a range of compact boxes. 

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SeceuroShield 60

Ideal for domestic, retail, office and commercial properties, This shutter provides high security over a wider expanse. Can be fitted internally and externally.  

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Security Cages

Security Cages provide a secure and ventilated storage area. Ideal for stock control and standing equipment, such as air conditioning units.

Roof panels can also be included to ensure the cages cannot be scaled and compromised. 

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Window Bars

One of the most commonly used access points for criminals targeting properties are windows. Therefore security bars offer a ideal solution to protect glazed areas.

They can be designed to be purely functional or more ornate with various grades available depending on the applications and their locations

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Steel Doors

Steel Doors can be supplied for uses in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 

A wide range of locks available including deadlocks, mechanical and electrical coded locks can all be designed into the product.

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Tube and Link Portcullis Shutters

The Tube and Link or Portcullis shutters offer protection for a wide range of applications were visibility and airflow are required.

This makes them ideal for retails stores, kiosks and car park locations.

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Window Security Grilles

One of the most commonly used access points for criminals targeting properties are windows and glazed areas. Therefore Mesh Grilles offer a ideal solution. 

A particularly useful option, for where fixed bars or a Retractable grille cannot be used.

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SeceuroShield 7501

Traditional Shutter Insurance Approved Upgrade. This shutter has all the benefits of the standard SeceuroSheild 75 but with the added benefit of being tested to the Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1 (LPS1175-1).

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SeceuroDoor 95

Three phase motors with insulated steel profile lathes is especially resistant to damage and reduces deflection. With the option of interior and exterior identical colour coating our insulated shutter can be easily blended into the look of any building. Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.

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SeceuroDoor 100

Hardened Steel Insulated Industrial Door. Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. Minimal thermal bridges and the use of fine-pored PU rigid foam infill ensure good thermal insulation whilst curtain and sealing technology used around the entire shutter reduce noise both inside and outside.

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SeceuroDoor 77

Single Phase Tubular Insulated Steel Security Shutter which combines all the qualities of the robust SecuroDoor 75 but with the added benefit of a 77mm insulated lathe.

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SeceuroVision 900

Internal use only and very tight coiling makes the SecuroVision 900 particularly suitable for bar/kiosk retail and commercial applications where permanent vision is required. 

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Expandable Security Barriers

Xpanda Saftidor is designed for applications where aesthetics are a key consideration. There is a choice of locking and unlike conventional retractable barriers, Saftidor doses not use top or bottom tracks. 

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